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      “世界动物日” (World Animal Day) 源自13世纪意大利修道士圣·弗朗西斯的倡议。他长期生活在阿西西岛上的.森林中,热爱动物并和动物们建立了“兄弟姐妹”般的关系。以下是小编为大家整理分享的世界动物日英语作文,欢迎阅读参考。


      it isuggested that people have been aware of the issue--lack of preservation for endangered spieces, animaland plants, but ayou see , theplaced little effortto cope with the probledespite the versatilitand intricacof instrument, i would pore over some of the most striking oneand offer alternativeafterwards.

      one of the major reason, causing people'inocence of protecting animals, ithat the government did not function well aan educator, arosing people'initiative in shielding wild animals, which led to the consequence that people do not know their responsibilitto prevent animalfrom dangers, and specific knowledge in guarding the what iequallimportant athe reason mentioned above ithat media did not meet our satisfaction to inform the masof the emergencwhich icrutial in arousing people'conciousnesto keep animalsafe.

      in spite of the seriouproblem, measure leading to profound improvement still can be taken. owning to the fact that fundare insufficient in some developing countries, developed countrieor international organizationshould shoulder more burden -- finacing them in order to capacitate them to accompolish the protection of animals. at the same time, education in telling people the wato make animalharboured ought to be focused on, thuresulting in people'better awarenesin the camouflage of our planet'cutest creatures.


      mananimalare in danger of dying out. aishown in the chart, we can see the number of animal speciedecreasefaster and faster and thitrend will continue. from 1980 to 2010, at least 1 million animal speciehave disappeared. worse still, more and more wild animalare in great danger. it inot a piece of sensational news; it ia fact, a harsh reality. unfortunately, we manot see these animalin the near future.

      from the second picture, we can find some reasons. whithe number of animal speciedeclining year byear? apparentlanimalhave become victimof fashion industry. animal skin habeen used to make fashionable clotheand these clothesell at a high price. so some greedpeople begin to kill animalin a large quantity. thiirresponsible behavior not onlbreakthe balance of nature but also endangerthe living environment of human beings.

      afar ai am concerned, something must be done to stop thiillegal action. we believe "no buying, no killing". first, we must make concerning lawto protect these animalin danger. second, we must take some measureto protect animaleffectively. animalare our friendand part of our environment. third, we should raise people'awarenesto protect animaland our environment. in thiway, we can build a harmoniousocietand ensure a sustainable development.


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