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    百丈飞瀑(二)作文|百丈飞瀑(二) 英语作文

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      哈哈,我们爬完山后,又去玩水上步行球,这个球圆圆大大的,是用塑料做的,看起来非常好玩。Ha ha, after we climbed the mountain, we went to play with the water walking ball. The ball is round and big. It\s made of plastic. It looks very interesting.叔叔拿起球,让我和萱萱先爬进去,再用一个管子放进球里充气高中作文素材大全,球渐渐变大,充完气后高中作文素材大全,就可以下水了。Uncle took the ball, let me and Xuanxuan climb in first, and then put a pipe into the goal to inflate, the ball gradually becomes bigger, after the inflation, you can go into the water.我在球里有点站不稳高中作文素材大全,刚下水,就翻了几个跟头,很久才能站起来。我刚想走一步,没想到又被摔下来了。脚踩在球上,球浮在水面上,感觉软软的,无法使力。我们两个咯咯”地笑个不停。玩了五分钟,叔叔就把我们拉回来了。I was a bit unsteady in the ball. As soon as I was in the water, I turned over a few times. It took me a long time to stand up. I just wanted to take a step, but I didn\t expect to fall down again. Step on the ball, the ball floats on the water, feeling soft, unable to make the force. We both giggled. After playing for five minutes, my uncle pulled us back.哈哈分类作文,玩水上步行球更不算什么,后面的更更精彩。Haha, playing water walking ball is nothing, the back is more ex
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