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      我叫崔伟轩,来自实验二校二年级三班。今年九岁,虎头虎脑的半命题作文,高高的个子,我觉得我长得很帅!My name is Cui Weixuan. I come from Class 3, grade 2, experimental school. I\m nine years old. I\m a tiger headed, tall man. I think I\m very handsome!我很聪明,只要用心半命题作文,考试我就能考出好的成绩。比如:第三、第五单元测验,我都考到了九十分以上。I\m very smart. As long as I work hard, I can get good results in the exam. For example, in the third and fifth unit tests, I got more than 90 points.我的缺点是做作业时不会集中精力,一边做,一边玩儿。有时还粗心大意,写日记写许多错别字高中作文,语句不通顺,丢三落四的。My disadvantage is that I can\t concentrate on my homework while doing and playing. Sometimes he is careless. He writes many wrong words in his diary. His sentences are not smooth and he has lost everything.以后我决心改正这些缺点半命题作文,希望大家与我交朋友!In the future, I am determined to correct these shortcomings and hope you can make friends with me!
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